Sophia Ghauri is the Chief Executive Officer of Codified Health. She is a junior at Brown University studying Design Engineering of Healthcare Systems. Sophia is passionate about making healthcare more equitable and designing systems to improve the lives of doctors and their patients. She has previously been a part of multiple startup accelerators at Brown and has published multiple papers regarding healthcare pricing transparency and healthcare equity. Last summer, she worked at IntusCare as a clinical product intern and worked on research for AI risk detection algorithms in elderly patients, electronic medical records systems, and billing for long term care programs. On campus she is a part of the Brown’s Socially Responsible Investment Fund, Brown Women In Business, and Design x Health. 
Hailey Chen serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Codified Health. She is a junior at Brown University and is studying Public Health and Business Economics. Hailey is passionate about making the world a better place one individual at a time by advocating for patients and taking concrete steps to make our healthcare system more efficient, effective, and accessible to all. She has previously spearheaded a non-profit organization distributing medical supplies during the pandemic, provided post-operative care to burn survivors during a medical mission in Mozambique, and engaged in research requiring extensive use of EHRs. On campus she is a part of the Brown Healthcare Advancement Journal, Brown Healthcare Investment Group, and Partnership for Adult Learning. 
Omar Imtiaz serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Codified Health. He is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Computer Science. Omar is passionate about technology and artificial intelligence. He has previously won awards from the Conrad Foundation and the US Navy for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. And Omar has founded several companies, including a medical supply company with >$1 million lifetime revenue. He was also hired as part of the team to oversee Project Connectivity, the initiative by the state of Texas to deliver technology to all underprivileged students in the state, ultimately coordinating the delivery of essential equipment to over 2 million children. In addition, he has discovered new techniques for data debiasing and transformation. Omar has worked extensively with and done research on cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques such as CycleGANs, LSTMs, and BERT. 
Cindy Zheng is the Chief Operating Officer of Codified Health. She is a junior at Brown University and is pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics-Biology. Cindy is passionate about improving the healthcare experience for both providers and patients. She volunteers at the Rhode Island Free Clinic, which provides medical care to uninsured populations in RI, and for the Samaritans of RI, a 24/7 crisis line for suicide prevention. On campus, she is a head teaching assistant for an introductory computer science course.
Vishal Puppala is a passionate lifetime learner who enjoys exploring a variety of different subjects in his free time from history to philosophy to physics and mathematics. In his last project, he deployed an online Internet of Things system to record large-scale behavioral data for automated high throughput analysis. As an undergraduate student, he founded the WashU Neurotechnology club where he oversaw the creation of a domain-general attentional classifier. As the senior engineer of Codified Health, he hopes to contribute his interdisciplinary mindset to cultivate innovative solutions combining computational approaches with traditional machine learning methods.

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